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Learn how the Cricut Maker cuts fabric and what fabric it can cut.

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Make use of all those cotton scraps of fabric by easily sewing them into reusable cotton rounds.

When you sew you end up with lots of scraps of fabric. Sometimes I feel guilty about throwing them away, and sometimes I don’t. A really easy way to use up those scraps of fabric is to turn them into reusable cotton rounds.

This scrapbuster is great for saving money, saving time,

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With this easy pattern hack you can make yourself a stunning balloon sleeve top. You’ll learn how to alter any sleeve pattern and how to sew the balloon sleeve. The balloon sleeve tutorial is a satisfying and simple sewing project.

Balloon Sleeve Top Tutorial //

Stunning statement sleeves are a really fun style right now. It’s a great way to dress up your basic tops. You can either buy a new pattern, or you can simply alter a pattern you have to get this look.

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Trimming and grading seams are different but equally important basic sewing skills. Learn the difference between them, how to grade seams, and why to trim seams.

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How to Grade Seams: Trimming vs Grading //

trimming vs grading

Trimming and grading seams are both important important because they reduce the bulk of seams. It makes the garment look professional. Trimming and grading are both used on necklines with a facing or lining,

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Dress refashions can be hard because each dress you find is unique. You might not be able to find a tutorial that works with what you have. Luckily, I found some dress refashion tutorials that are pretty basic so you can use them for any dress you have.

I have a list of dress refashions for women and for girls.

16 Dress Refashion Tutorials //

Women’s Dress Refashion Tutorials

1. Sleeveless Dress Refashion Tutorial –

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Get inspired by these stunning coat refashions to make your own unique winter coat. You can make a gorgeous coat from another coat or some other fabric entirely!

This post is full of tutorials and coats you can purchase that are refashioned and upcycled. You’ll never guess all the items that make up these gorgeous, reimagined coats.

14 Stunning Coat Refashions //

1- Trench Coat Refashion

This trench coat has a beautiful story.

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Make something lovely with this big list of the best craft tutorials of 2018!

I love the introspection at the end and beginning of each year. I like analyzing my success and failures. Some craft bloggers and I put together a list of all our best craft tutorials of 2018! There are all sorts of sewing, DIY, and craft tutorials in this post, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

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Turn your sweater into something new with a sweater refashion! With sewing and no-sew tutorials there is a refashion for everyone!

Its sweater weather, but what if your sweater has a hole or a stain? What if the sweater doesn’t fit or it shrunk? Use a sweater refashion (or two) to upcycle it into something new!

12 Sweater Refashions and Upcycles //

1- Ruffle Shoulder Sweater Refashion

What a pretty sweater!

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Since this is a sewing blog it’s time to enjoy Christmas with sewing decorations thrown in. Christmas trees look so pretty with some sewing Christmas ornaments hanging on them. 

These sewing Christmas ornaments would be great to give to your sewing and crafting friends. They would be perfect for a gift exchange at a sewing party.

10 Sewing Christmas Ornaments //

1- Upcycled Thread Spool Ornament

Turn those empty thread spools into a pretty Christmas ornament.

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When I had the idea to put together a list of pants refashion tutorials I was worried I wouldn’t find very many. I know I refashion pants all the time, but I didn’t know if other people refashioned pants too. Well, I was wrong because you can choose one of these many there are lots and lots of pants refashion tutorials out there and here are just fourteen.

12 Pants Refashion Tutorials //

Kid Pants Refashion Tutorials

How To Make Cute Knickerbockers

If your kids pants are too short than turn them into knickerbockers!

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