Welcome to the first variation of the tshirt romper week! I’ve always loved the original tshirt romper, but I realized that it’s the perfect simple pattern for lots of variations. I came up with lots of variations, but I had to limit it to four so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself. They do lean towards the feminine side, but I do have a 6 mos old baby girl right now so they’ll all be worn. You can use these variations any way you want and can use them for baby boys too.

DIY Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Romper Tutorial

Today I’m sharing a simple drawstring tutorial for the tshirt romper. I used a women’s french terry tunic to make this romper, but it’ll work with any knit tee, tunic, or sweatshirt with a good amount of stretch.
Here’s a list of all the variations!
Drawstring waist tshirt romper


DIY Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Romper Tutorial


1. Construct the romper using the tshirt tomper tutorial.
2. Mark 4.5″ up from the center front of the inseam facing. Line up the bottom of the stay tape with this line.
3. Sew along the bottom and the top of stay tape around the waist with a straight stitch. Stretch the romper slightly as you sew to keep the stretch in the romper. Leave a 2″ hole to insert elastic.
4. Insert the elastic with a safety pin or bodkin.
5. Overlap the elastic edges 1/2″ and sew strongly together.
6. Sew the hole closed.

DIY Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Romper Tutorial

7. Optional: tie a bow in the ribbon. Sew two straight lines through the bow right onto the center front of the elastic casing to look like a drawstring.

DIY Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Romper Tutorial

If you make something using this tutorial, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

DIY Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Romper Tutorial

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