How to Make an Easy Fabric Tassel
I’ve realized that I really only enjoy sewing clothing. Especially for myself. I’ve focused mostly on sewing clothes for myself for the past year, and I’m a much happier person and enjoy sewing a lot more. But every once in awhile I like to sew something quick, easy, and satisfying. I made an easy fabric tassel to decorate a zipper and so I could keep enjoying one of my favorite fabrics. I only had a scrap left, but I was able to make a tassel from it.
How to Make an Easy Fabric Tassel


Woven fabric scrap – lightweight is better so that the print goes through the fabric, but not as lightweight as a chiffon – I used rayon challis*
Sewing supplies
Matching yarn*
Hot glue gun*


1. Cut a scrap piece on the bias 7.5″ x 4″. Cut the fabric in strips but stop cutting 1/2″ from the top so it stays connected. When you cut it on the bias the fabric will not fray even though the edges are not finished. The edges will get a slight feathered look.
2. Cut another piece on the bias 3/4″ x 8″.

How to Make an Easy Fabric Tassel

3. Fold the thin piece of fabric in half with right sides out. Sew the ends to one corner of the large piece.
4. Starting on the side where the loop is sewn, roll the fabric into a cylinder with right sides out.
5. Tack the tassel at the base of the loop so that it does not unroll.

How to Make an Easy Fabric Tassel

6. Get your yarn. Hot glue one end right over the stitching. Glue and wrap the yarn until the top of the tassel is covered.

How to Make an Easy Fabric Tassel

7. Add a knot in the loop at the top of the yarn if desired.
8. Loop and pull through a zipper pull. Enjoy your beautiful and easy tassel, and your favorite fabric!

How to Make an Easy Fabric Tassel
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How to Make an Easy Fabric Tassel

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