I really love graphic tees. I love wearing solids tees with details so a graphic tee is exactly that. I love sending a little message out to the world with what I say on my tee.

I have tried almost every graphic tee tutorial: freezer paper stencil, custom printed fabric, and a iron-on vinyl and a cutting machine. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, but I was looking for something else. Something that was cheaper and easier and more accessible to everyone.

In the past I’ve looked for this kind of tutorial and could never find it. Luckily, some new products have been created to make the easiest graphic tee possible. This is a simple graphic tee tutorial that anyone can use even without heat and without a cutting machine.

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The Easiest Graphic Tee Tutorial // heatherhandmade.com



    1. Decide on what kind of image you want to create. You can hand draw shapes, you can create a stencil, you can screen print, or you can trace an image. I share a couple of examples throughout the post, so read through before you choose.
    2. Draw your shape on with the liquid adhesive.
    3. Let it dry completely. The instructions say it takes 1-2 hours to dry. The thicker it is, the longer it takes to dry. One of my projects took 6 hours to dry completely.
      • I found that the thicker adhesive grabbed the color better than the thin, flat adhesive.
    4. Place the transfer sheets color side up on the dried adhesive and rub. The color will transfer onto the adhesive. Peel off the transfer sheet. If there is some adhesive that hasn’t been transferred then do the rubbing again. You really have to rub around each raised part to catch all the sides and edges.The Easiest Graphic Tee Tutorial // heatherhandmade.com
    5. I printed a picture of the word “MAKER” three in a row. I used the purple tape to tape the picture on the inside of the tee shirt. I used the liquid adhesive to trace the words.
    6. When the liquid adhesive is wet it’s white. When the liquid adhesive is dry it’s almost transparent.
      The Easiest Graphic Tee Tutorial // heatherhandmade.com
    7. I used a gold shattered glass metallic transfer sheet for the graphic tee and it makes almost a glittery look to my letters.
      The Easiest Graphic Tee Tutorial // heatherhandmade.com


  • You can trace fabric that has a print on it to make one part stand out. I made this purple cat a purple metallic cat.
  • The adhesive stays flexible and stretchy even when dried and with color transferred onto it. It would be really comfortable on knit clothing.
  • If balled up the adhesive does stick to itself, but when pulled apart there is no damage. (I’ve noticed this happening on some of my kids’ RTW graphic tees.)The Easiest Graphic Tee Tutorial // heatherhandmade.com
  • It also works just as well on woven fabric.
  • You CAN use multiple colors of transfer sheets if you’re careful. You apply the adhesive of one color, let it dry, and then transfer color. Then apply the adhesive of the next color, let it dry, and then transfer the second color. Repeat with all the colors that you want. It is a much longer process to do multiple colors but it is possible.
    • You can see how I added red to the roses, then green to the leaves, then yellow to the mini flowers.The Easiest Graphic Tee Tutorial // heatherhandmade.com

Can you imagine that possibilities of a no-heat, no cutting machine graphic tee? I can’t wait to embellish all my kids’ clothes and more graphic tees for me! I even want to try letting my kids drawing something with the adhesive and transferring color. It’s an easy way to let them be involved in the creative process of sewing! This graphic tee tutorial is great for any age and any creativity level!

The Easiest Graphic Tee Tutorial // heatherhandmade.com

If you make something using this tutorial, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

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  1. This would be perfect for some baby gifts I’ve been wanting to make!!

    Posted on April 5, 2018 at 5:51 am